Swarm Breaker

Frequently Asked Questions

When will it come to other platforms?
Swarm Breaker was created exclusively for iOS devices. Although we are very interested in making games for other platforms, we have no plans for porting this game to anything else.

My game has stopped working.
Force quit and then open the game again. If, for some reason, you can’t force quit the game, you may need to restart your device.

Can i request changes, improvements or new features?
Yes! We are working to make this experience better for everyone, but in the meantime you can shoot us an email at swarmbreaker@falcosun.com with your request. Please note that we don’t reply to these request emails, so if you’re looking to start a conversation, consider using Facebook or Twitter instead.

Email us!
If you have any other questions about Swarm Breaker that are NOT already answered in this FAQ, please contact us. We will not reply to questions already answered in the FAQ.

For all support issues:

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